Pro Ventilated Jacket

our company ™ semi-ventliated bee wear is truly a customer creation!     Many of you asked if we could make bee clothing with the body made from ventilated material while the sleeves,    legs and hood are made from 100% cotton. You reasoned that since your body gets over-heated,    it needs the benefit of ventilation. But you prefer the lighter and less-bulky cotton for your arms and legs because

it allows more freedom of movement. So we took your ideas and created a hybrid…part 100% cotton,     part ventilated material!!

We are pleased to offer an economy ventilated suit. Three layers of ventilated netting are sandwiched together to provide you with optimum protection while allowing

ultimate air flow keeping you well protected and cool. The suit offers extra padding at the knees, two chest pockets, two hive tool pockets, and side pockets. This suit also offers elastic wrists, elastic/zippered ankles and an elastic thumb hold. The ultimate in economy ventilated clothing.